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Articles from 2014

Stonewalled by powers that be our

'un-cooperative' | As I See It

By Alex Macleod

When John Bogert resigned in frustration last September from the OPALCO Board, there was a sense of real loss in the Shaw community, where he is known as a smart, steady, community-spirited guy who had been twice elected to represent our district.


Later, when the island learned that OPALCO's lawyers had sent a letter threatening John with legal action if he...

Articles from 2015:

About those Rate Increases

By Alex Macleod

There is growing unhappiness among many OPALCO member-customers following this year's huge rate increase. OPALCO's board raised the "facilities charge" to each customer by about 40%..... 



Revenue Shortfalls in OPALCO's Rural Cooperative

By Alex Conrad

With regard to [OPALCO's] need to meet certain debt covenants, we hear a lot about 'revenue shortfall' [see orcasissues .com/new-opalco-surcharge-to-correct-shortfall] Let's pause for a moment and look at publicly available data, some of which may surprise you.


At the end of 2014, OPALCO's TIER (times interest earned ratio) fell to 1.13. A ratio of 1.25 or greater is required to be in compliance with...


OPALCO's Problem is Debt and Spending

By Alex Macleod

Despite its claim to the contrary OPALCO doesn't have a revenue problem. It has a debt and spending problem.

The problem has gotten so bad that it has violated a financial requirement of its lender. Unless it significantly cuts spending, and does it right now, it will have no choice but to raise our electric rates beginning...


OPALCO Board's Response to Trouble? 


By Alex Macleod

A day after the OPALCO board approved an emergency 10% increase in our electric rates, effective at the start of this month, its management issued a press release announcing the "Temporary Revenue Recovery Add-On." In it, general manager Foster Hildreth "explained" that the emergency increase was needed because.....


Sure, OPALCO cares, but about what?

By Richard Fadem

Alex MacLeod of Shaw has had three letters published by island news outlets over the past couple of months. They detail the OPALCO board's chicanery and apparent dishonesty. Every OPALCO member should read them in sequence. They first astonish, then prompt indignation and finally disgust. The third ("On Board? Honestly not the preferred policy at OPALCO,") seems to prove what he had... 



Greene's Departure from Rock Island a Wake-up Call

By Alex Macleod

The resignation of Mike Greene from OPALCO'S Rock Island Internet business should be a wake-up call for OPALCO's membership and its board of directors.


Greene was the founder and architect of the pre-OPALCO version of Rock Island, an outfit that enjoyed an excellent reputation for...

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