Make OPALCO Power Affordable Again.

A little bit about Dwight

“Dwight attended school in the Seattle area and after graduating from Shoreline High School in 1960 he attended Everett Community College. In 1969 he purchased 23 acres on Lopez Island and in 1971 he constructed his private airstrip that now serves as one of the medivac sites on Lopez Island. 


Dwight moved to Lopez Island in 1974 and worked on the Alaskan pipeline during 1975 and 1976.  Also, in 1976 he established Windsock Farms/Excavation, a very successful business.  Dwight continues to raise cattle on his 125 acre farm and does construction work throughout the county including the installation of more than 50 miles of OPALCO power cable and involvement with several underwater cable installations.


Dwight spends his free time working intensely with the Lopez High school District’s athletics programs.  He and his wife Shirley have hosted three exchange students, one from France, Ukraine and Denmark.


Dwight has been an OPALCO member for more than forty years and has attended numerous Board meetings.  He has watched as the OPALCO Board has continued to raise power rates and increased the cooperative’s indebtedness.  He has spoken out against such actions and is now running as a candidate for the Board of Directors, District 3.  His vision is to bring about greater transparency regarding OPALCO's operations and decision making and provide affordable power to the members.

Make OPALCO Power Affordable Again.

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