There was an OPALCO board meeting to remove me from the ballot...


I got over 450 signatures from members to run, but I've exposed the Rock Island scandal and our GM's part in it. So the board president, GM, and OPALCO lawyer feel I'm too much of a threat to be a board member.

I will continue to update you as members through this website and out in public (I ride the ferries daily). I will continue to update you about what I find and know.

In my opinion, Rock Island is stealing millions from our members, from lack of rent, use of OPALCO funds, use of OPALCO employees, use of OPALCO infrastructure, and more.

Yes, our GM manages OPALCO and for profit Rock Island while taking in $384,129 in salary and benefits.

Yes, we are over $64,000,000 in debt, co-signed a $22m loan to a private company that lost $6.5 million last year. A company that never intends to pay back or share any profit.

... and yes, you have noticed your power bill skyrocket in the last 5 years. Paying for a service that 2/3 of our members don't use or can't afford. Who is steering this ship?

I'm 76 years old and been an OPALCO member for 45 years. I'm going to make sure my young island neighbor and fixed income senior are able to afford their power bill.

Yes we will see our board run unopposed

Remember some of the board members are part time islanders that were appointed by our board and run internet companies in Seattle, attending meetings by Skype.

... luckily some board members did abstain their vote to have me banned for life and still want to make OPALCO affordable.

I will still be putting out political signs (they have been printed) and updating my website and Facebook page with new information. You can still vote for Dwight by asking why this is happening to our local Co OP and how can we make a change.

Disqualification Letter


Make OPALCO Power Affordable Again.

Write in Dwight Lewis on the Ballot.

Don't vote On-line. 

See "Write-in Ballot" for example

Vote Dwight Lewis For OPALCO Board of Directors District 3


All Island Co-op members vote for District 3