Make OPALCO Power Affordable Again.

Concerns About OPALCO

By Richard Demers

March, 2016

    The following letter was sent to the Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission


I am writing about the recent sequence of rate increases related to the delivery of electrical power supplied by the Orcas Power and Light Cooperative. I am a summer resident on Blakely Island and our electrical power is supplied by OPALCO. In the past we have disconnected our power in the fall for the winter season and then would have it reconnected in May for the summer.


It is my opinion the OPALCO is manipulating their rate structure to maximize profits in a manner not directly related to the delivery of electrical power. After numerous sequential rate increases the reconnection fee is now $200. Last year, it was $150, and a couple of years before that it was $100, and in the past it was even less. Also, the monthly base fee (regardless if electrical power is used) for people who do not disconnect is now $40 per month. This rate has also been increasing every year.


What OPALCO is doing is analogous to the practices of Enron. Enron was found to manipulate power delivery and rate structure to maximize profits at the expense of their customers.


I request that your commission investigate the current rate structure practices of OPALCO.


Make OPALCO Power Affordable Again.

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