Make OPALCO Power Affordable Again.

Power Bill Increase

By Ingrid Fabianson

January, 2016

I wish to address our Orcas Power and Light Cooperative members. Perhaps you too have noticed that your bill is considerably higher than last year (mine is $100 higher and I didn't use that much power) and that your annual return of "profits" was cut in half this year, not to mention another increase of 5 percent.


There is no oversight commission  for cooperative, other than the members (you). If we don't like the financial burden being put on us by this monopoly, it is time to act.


I believe that OPALCO made a hugh mistake by taking on internet services that will only serve a small handful of us and has required paying out so much money to consultants and other. Who is benefiting? Who is speaking up for those who struggle to live here? It is time to stop and take a pause. Did we all really want OPALCO to take on the internet project? Has your voice been heard?


I suggest, if you want more detail, to read the January letter sent by Alex Macleod in the OPALCO board packet. I think it is time for our press and our people to get involved.

Make OPALCO Power Affordable Again.

Write in Dwight Lewis on the Ballot.

Don't vote On-line. 

See "Write-in Ballot" for example

Vote Dwight Lewis For OPALCO Board of Directors District 3


All Island Co-op members vote for District 3