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Dick Grout

I try never, or at least rarely, to abuse the fact that I have your email address but this is one of those occasions where it’s necessary.  If you haven’t yet voted for the OPALCO directors I urge you to write in Dwight Lewis in District 3.  To do so you have to use the paper ballot you got in the mail.  You can’t vote online.


No matter what you have heard about Dwight in the past, forget it.  I’ve known Dwight for nearly 40 years.  He’s older, wiser and mellower.  Dwight got over 450 signatures to become a candidate by petition, way beyond the required minimum.  But the OPALCO board of directors and their attorney concluded that Dwight should be disqualified under one of the bylaws, though they’ve declined to provide any specifics.  


Dwight is asking a lot of questions that make the OPALCO director and board uncomfortable, pointing out a lot of uncomfortable facts and demanding that OPALCO conduct business in a fully transparent fashion.  They don’t want him and his questions on the board.


My personal opinion is that the OPALCO General Manager and Board of Directors stopped representing the interests of the co-op members some years ago.  I would like to give all of them a good swift kick in the pants but I probably can’t do that without getting arrested.  So I plan to vote for Dwight instead.  


If you saw the article in the local papers a few weeks ago about Dwight’s disqualification keep in mind that was an OPALCO press release, not a news article.


If you read all the way down here, thank you.  And tell your friends.


Dick Grout

Make OPALCO Power Affordable Again.

Write in Dwight Lewis on the Ballot.

Don't vote On-line. 

See "Write-in Ballot" for example

Vote Dwight Lewis For OPALCO Board of Directors District 3


All Island Co-op members vote for District 3